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Association of Family Practice PAs & NPs

Fostering the educational and professional interests of Family Practice Clinicians

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AFPPANP seeks to provide a base for mentoring future PAs & NPs, promotes relevant Continuing Education resources, and disseminates employment opportunities. Additionally, the AFPPANP provides information relevant to the Family Practice discipline and subject matter experts to all interested parties, and advocates for PAs and NPs as Primary Care Providers and to be independently reimbursed for health care services provided by PAs and NPs to our patients.

As an Advanced Practice Clinician practicing family medicine you want to improve the quality of life of the patients you serve in your community. The AFPPANP wants to support the incredible work NPs and PAs do and to help you achieve your highest potential as a healthcare practitioner. 


The mission of the Association of Family Practice PAs & NPs is to foster the educational and professional interests of Family Practice Clinicians collectively known as Advanced Practice Clinicians, by promoting clinical and academic excellence and providing a forum for assembling and distributing information important to our profession. 


The Association of Family Practice PAs & NPs is seeking presentation proposals for our 2022 Annual CME Conference being held Thursday, March, 24 2022 - Sunday, March 27, 2022 in New Orleans, LA.

Some suggested topics:  Heart Failure - How Systolic and Diastolic Heart Failure Differ and Treatments, EKG Lectures, Long term effects of COVID-19, Depression, Anxiety Treatment, Review of Abnormal Labs and What they can Indicate, Men's Heath Update, Urgent Care, Pediatrics, Mental Health, ID Pharmacology & Psychopharmacology, Nephrology,  Skills based/Hands on Classes/Workshops, Non-opioid Pain Management, Human Trafficking, ENT, Thyroid, Osteoporosis, Women's Health, Obesity, Postmenopausal Alternative Treatment Options, Glomerulonephritis, MI treatment, GI, Testosterone Therapy.

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Member Highlights

  Ken Korber, PA, ASH-CHC, DFAAPA and President of AFPPANP, was appointed to Clinical Instructor at the Mount St. Joseph University PA Program (Cincinnati OH).

 AFPPANP's very own secretary, Kim Zuber, PA-C, recently published an article in CJASN (Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology) entitled, 'Nephrology Advanced Practitioners in the United States, 2010-2018'. To read the article, click the link here!

 Angela Diuble, PA a AFPPANP member and her sister Lilly Diuble run a nonprofit with their family. "My family runs a nonprofit.  My kids are awesome. And, I'm the chaos coordinator." To read more on their accomplishments, click here!

 After 35 years of practicing as a Physician Assistant, member Gary Cripe, PA-C as retired.

    Why COVID-19 Patients Should Be Going to Hospitals Sooner | Amanpour and Company

    Nowhere is this crisis more deeply felt than by the essential workers on the front lines. Dr. Richard Levitan, an airway specialist who has practiced emergency medicine for over 30 years, is well aware of the urgency of their work. When the virus began to overwhelm New York City at the end of March, he rushed from his home in New Hampshire to volunteer at Bellevue Hospital, where he trained. Dr. Levitan recently wrote an op-ed in the New York Times detailing what he's learned from treating COVID-19 patients at Bellevue. He also has co-founded a charitable organization, Prone2Help, which provides healthcare workers with free cushions, since doctors have found placing coronavirus patients on their stomach--called prone positioning--helps increase the amount of oxygen getting to their lungs. Dr. Levitan joins Hari Sreenivasan to discuss his work.

    Positive Thinking 101: SSG Travis Mills was devastated when a bomb took away all four of his limbs...until a fellow amputee changed his perceptive on life.

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    Connecting to a larger group of PAs and NPs, banding together to produce positive results for public health nation wide. 


    AFPPANP holds annual CME Conferences that provide quality education and networking for PAs and NPs. We always strive to find the latest and most relevant lectures, informative and interactive workshops, along with plenty of quality time networking with vendors and exhibitors. 

    Public Policy/Advocacy

    Our society offers contribution to the strong advocacy programs centered on assuring that PA and NP voices are being heard, and making sure we always keep our members up to date on issues in the public health arena. 

    Job Advertisements/ Free Informational Services

    As a member of AFPPANP, you receive three (3) free job advertisements for your own clinic or for your employer. 

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